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DUI evaluations

If you received a DUI, the court usually requires that you be assessed based on your drinking and alcohol usage. In Northern Illinois, Cook County requires that you complete your evaluation at Central States Institute which is located in the courthouse. Lake County requires that you go to NICASA. All other counties in Illinois allow you to get an evaluation at any Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse licensed treatment facility.


Once you complete a DUI evaluation, you will have classes. The amount of classes you have is dependent on your lifetime Drug and Alcohol use history. But no matter where your evaluation was completed, you can still choose the treatment provider to complete your classes.


We can schedule your DUI evaluation within seven days and most of our clients will walk out the door with two copies. The cost for a DUI evaluation for court purposes is $150.

DUI Risk Education

This is the class that we wish you had in High School!


If you have been evaluated as a Level I- Minimal Risk, Level II – Moderate Risk or Level II – Significant Risk, you will be required by the State of Illinois to complete a minimum of 10 hours of Risk Education. By state law, this class must be completed in no less than four sessions. We hold our classes in three group sessions and one individual session. The group sessions are held in three hour sessions. The individual session is held from one to three hours and is dependent on your individual needs.


Here is what you will learn:


Day 1 –

Classification awareness, Drugs of Abuse, Tolerance, Withdrawal and Symptoms of Dependency.


Day 2-

What is BAC? What is impairment? How alcohol and Drugs affect the brain and body.


Day 3 –

DUI laws, Alcohol and Drug laws, problem solving,  planning for a night out and introduction to Support Groups.


Individual Session-

Post Test and Exit Interview. This is your time to ask individual questions or clarify anything that you want more information on.



We offer this class to anyone who would like to avoid a DUI or future problems in alcohol and/or drugs. Parents are encouraged to send and attend this class with young drivers.